Elegance at the Grand National

Every year, crowds are drawn to the Grand National for the thrill of the races, and the bounty of excitement the event has to offer. And this year’s attendees were no exception. Whether you love fashion, food, or sports, the Grand National provides the perfect stage for the best of the best to express their […]

5 Wonderful Things About A Salcombe Retreat


If you want to enjoy a winter getaway it can be tempting to opt for a quick foreign holiday to grab some sunshine. But why put yourself through the hassle of airport queues and cramped flights when you can enjoy true beauty right on your doorstep. Sure you won’t be able to work on your […]

Things To Do in Miami, Florida


Miami is one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the United States. Miami has a unique cultural history, due to immigration by people from all over the word, but the most apparent culture is probably that of Miami’s Cuban population. There are so many things to do in the city that it may […]

Barcelona And the Magic of Gaudi

Sagrada Familia Cathedral (Creative Commons)

Barcelona is a city of outstanding architectural beauty owing to the genius of Antoni Gaudi and the influence his work had on other architects. Gaudi’s buildings are littered across the city and chief among them is the (yet to be finished) Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Couple Gaudi’s genius with the flair of Salvador Dali whose work […]

Travel Tips From The Experts

Taste the local delicacies! (Creative Commons)

Traveling does not have to be a stressful experience. I am currently planning a 14-day trip with stops in Berlin, Paris, and Rome. As I visit these cities, I will also be visiting surrounding cities—Munich, Normandy, and Florence. While it may sound like a lot of work, with proper organization and these travel trips, planning […]

Lads Holidays

Welcome to Novalja, the best party beach in Europe (Creative Commons)

Going on holiday with the lads is a pilgrimage that nearly every friend group should undertake. More often than not you find out more about your mates after a week in the sun than you do in 18 years. While places such as Zante and Magaluf are synonymous with the lads holiday there are lesser […]